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Expressive Art Threapy Program Excitement & Fundraising !!

I got accepted into the 'Expressive Arts Therapy Program' at Langara College !!!! They only accept 12 folks per year and its so amazing to know that I'm one of the people they chose. The program starts this September. This program feels so inline with the work i want to learn more about and continue to do with marginlized folks and communities. I cant wait to jump in!! School is very expensive! Alingside work & selling art its still tough to pay for it all so i am doing a fundraiser!! Here is the link: Please share share share this link on all your social media pages and donate whatever amount you can. Also, I totally get that some folks cant donate, even sharing this all over social media would mean the world to me. Any contributions towards helping me pay for school to work towards being an Expressive Arts Therapist means so much. So i can get paid to make art with folks, help folks work towards their healing and help folks move pain that is held in their bodies. I know i will heal a lot being in this program as well gain more amazing skills to be a supportive expressive arts therapist. Here is bit of the write up on the fundraiser page: "My name is Jotika Chaudhary. I am a Queer, women of colour, multi media artist, recently graduated social worker, community organizer, wounded healer, a survivor and performer. Check out my art here: This past March I turned 30!! & I bringing into this decade: magic, healing, art making and more laughter. My 30's feel like they are all about magic and working towards my dreams as an artist and as a wounded healer <3 Help me achieve this dream. More info about the program:…/pro…/expressive-arts-therapy/index.html I am beyond thrilled to be taking part in this 2 year, part time program. As a Queer, Brown Women whose grown up working class/poor and who has experienced & survived a lot of trauma. I have a personal understanding of the deep healing that can happen when folks take part in expressive arts. Creating and witnessing art has saved my life time and time again. I see people’s resilience’s and I believe that people have a right to heal pain caused by oppression and trauma & this program is exactly the direction I want to take my career and healing work in. As a person who struggles with low moods and anxiety I know this program will help me gain tools and confidence to add to the work i'm already doing as a wounded healer. Please share & donate if you can & to all the folks who support me in all the ways and have donated already *Shukriya from from the bottom of my heart** -Jotika Chaudhary

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