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Brown Body Stories:

Searching for Healing/Longing for Home


Buy a digital ZineAlbum here

Video created by aly de la cruz yip

created by Xtra West Vancouver

Art by: Khushboo Kataria Gulati

♡Brown Body Stories: Searching For Healing/ Longing for Home♡


Jotika released her ZineAlbum & 1 person show on June 23 2017 

Brown Body Stories is a body of work created between 2006 & 2016 throughout Jotika’s 20’s. Through the show Jotika explores themes of Diaspora, home, heartbreak & healing. The 1 person show delves into the messyness, the honesty & unravelling of a 20 something Queer, Brown, Women’s journey unraveling disjointed parts of her self and by exploring identity & family.  Through photographs, singing, poetry, old journal entries & more Jotika weaves stories together exploring home, healing and contradictions. Brown Body Stories looks uses different art forms to find hope in moving towards something other than pain. This show has humour & heartbreak, curiosity and rage it is an attempt to make sense of  the disconnection felt as a Queer, brown, displaced women.  Its personal, raw and honest.

An interdisciplinary show; storytelling through Poetry + dance + SongPoems + photographs+ performance art + a few more surprises!
What is a ZineAlbum? 
It is a Zine (handmade book which includes writing + art) + burnt cd (Album) of my recorded SongPoems.

** I'm looking forward to continuing to share this show in, look out for future iterations coming soon!!!


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