Community Organizing

Jotika has been organizing fundraisers, performance nights, arts drop ins, workshops and

other community events for the past

6 years. She is passionate about

bringing folks together & helping

create spaces for people to share their

gifts, passions &art. Here are some
past & upcoming events. To collaborate
organizing an event or inquire
about an event Jotika is organizing 



FLOURISH! A QTBIPoC Arts Fair- Sep 22 2018

vendor callout:

Fb event page

✶is an Arts Fair that will center Queer, Trans, ENBY, Two Spirit & Black,


Indigenous  and Artists & creators of Colour (QT2SBIPoC)

There are not enough spaces in this city for us so let's take up space &


share & sell our  creations!!


June 29 -Holding Grief: A night of BIPoC storytelling

fb event page here


December 16-2nd Annual Artists of Colour Winter Solstice Market  10am- 
click here for more info. Fb event page
Artists Market with over 25 vendors selling art, jewelery, food, mixed media creations, stickers, zines, beading, wellness products 

November 24 Brown Body Stories: Unraveling Ache 
A night of storytelling & performance from Jotikas 1 person show & ZineAlbum- Brown Body Stories. click here for more info

Aug -Fat Camp 2017

An exciting and transformative day of workshops about resisting fat oppression and integrating fat politics into your life and your activism!

June -Zine Album  Launch:
Brown Body Stories: Searching for Healing/Longing for Home

Kwantlen  Richmond

Feb -Teen Angst: BIPoC Sharing all the Feels

Gallery Gachet


 '86 & Around: 100 Shades of Brown: Jotika's Dirty 30
Red Gate Arts Society

Fat Camp 2016
An exciting and transformative weekend of workshops about resisting fat oppression
and integrating fat politics into your life and your activism!

Nchu7mut Kaisa: One Heart Heart One Mind One Spirit
collaborations between FILIPINO/FILIPINA/FILIPINX Artists + COAST SALISH Artist
s + QTIBIPOC Artists coming fundraiser for the 3rd annual International Babaylan Conference

Wise Hall

Towards Healing: a night of QTBIPoC storytelling
Heartwood Cafe

Pop Up PoC Winter Market
A pop up Winter Market showcasing vendors who are Black, Indigenous and People of Colour

Moving Truth(s): Book Launch
Heartwood Cafe

FAT CAMP! 2015
An exciting and transformative week of workshops about resisting fat oppression and integrating fat politics into your life and your activism!

Make it to the Top: A fundraiser and Storytelling/Performance Showcase centering
POC .A fundraiser for a Trans Man of colour to cover costs for surgery aftercare
Heartwood Cafe

DIT/Daughters in Tandem: a young women of colour ongoing arts drop in at the Purple Thistle Center. A Series of Arts based workshops for Self Identified Girls and Women of Colour.

POC/mixed & Indigenous Zine Collective on Coast Salish Territories/VanCity 
An ongoing drop in group for Indigenous, Mixed folks and People of Colour to talk
bout zines and create zines together. 

QT*IPOC showcase Fundraiser: Featuring LGBT* IQ Artist of Colour
A night of storytelling and performance to Support a Brown Femme surgery costs - Heartwood Cafe

Agni Parashmani/Flowers of the Flame :  South Asian QT*
performance night /art showcase

A night of truthtelling, vulnerability, comedy, mixed media art and poetry organized
by and featuring Queer and Trans* South Asian folks- Heartwood Cafe

M21:Anti-Racist Resistance Month with the UVSS Students of Colour Collective
coorganized a serries of workshop around arts and anti-racism- various locations

Community YardSale Fundraiser
A community fundraiser to support a Queer & Trans Brown Femmes surgery cost

Lydia's Dirty - 90's R&B/ Lego -Thirty Birthday Fundraiser& Celebration:
A birthday party for a Queer POC/ fundraiser for two Queer POC in our community: Groundswell Cafe

Artists of colour presents: Create Lumikha: Creating Connections here and Abroad:
A fundraiser for folks in the philipines organized by Artists of Colour BC- Astorinos

When Womyn Speak When Womyn Speak: A monthly open mic for womyn and trans
folk of color
An anti-racist, queer-friendlier monthly open mic organized by women of colour
(WOC) for WOC and trans folk of colour.

Representations: A Mini-conference for Queer & Trans Self-Identified Women of
co organized a mini-conference with QT*POC centering women and Trans
folks of colour

QPOCULYPSE; A Queer Person of colour Performance Showcase 
A performance night for and by QT*IPOC artists and performers-Rhizome cafe





 Brown Body   Stories:
 Unraveling Ache
 Nov 24 2017